About Us

Thai Orchirds At Their Best

With about 30 plus years of experience in the orchid business in the USA, I decided to take the bold step of producing a wide variety of plants in thetropical paradise of Thailand in a region known for its mild climate. We are located near Chiang Mai (northern Thailand), in the area known as Doi Saket. Doi Saket is a mountain range, which is covered with wild orchids of many types, including the now famous Nobile dendrobium. Several of the most famous Nobile dendrobium growers are within one mile of our growing range! Our climate is perfect for the intermediate temperature growing orchids, as our farm is located at the base of the mountains. Hence we grow oncidium, warm and cool growing dendrobiums, cattleya and Vanda , Thai species, and in the future many other types of intergeneric odontoglossum and miltonia orchids and cymbidium, paphiopedillum. Our varieties continue to grow daily. Unlike most Thailand orchid growers, we grow many types of orchids.

What works, and what does not work:

With our experience as an importer of Thai orchids for many years, we found that plants that were shipped to our USA nurseries suffered greatly from the complete removal of potting medias, and from their very soft state of growths, caused by poor fertilizing procedures used by all other Thai growers. So when we established our nursery in Doi Saket, we manufactured our own fertilizers which make the plants properly harden and conditioned for shipping and quick reestablishment after being received by our customers. Also, we do not completely remove our coconut potting media, so that the plants do not go thru shock of transplant. So, its typical for the plants to show no slow down or set back after being received. Thus a quick turn over is now possible.

Thank you
Barry Cohen